Thursday, January 26, 2006

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Hello faithful readers, it is I, the faithless blogger. More like lazy. I haven’t been cheating on you; I just haven’t been paying attention to you.

As you know (thanks Brooke!) my birthday was this past weekend. I had a fantastic birthday. We won’t discuss which birthday it was. Here are the highlights:

  • My parents came to visit

  • James took me to see Chicago the musical

  • Brooke wrote me a wonderful poem

  • I learned how to make a pot roast

  • My parents delivered my bread maker

  • Mom and Dad gave me a bunch of soap making “stuff”

  • Amy gave me a bunch of yarn and a slow cooker cookbook

  • James parents gave me “Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter”

  • Sally caught a mole

On the knitting front: the dog toys were a complete success. The felted ball is officially Sally’s favorite everyday toy. They actually ended up more egg-shaped than round, but Sally couldn’t care less. I forgot to mention that I used the pattern developed by Eve Clevenger.

And I’ve been working on the Isis Wrap! I was totally pissed off that I had to tink back 4 rows but I persevered and I’m finally back on track. It took my four days to correct the mistake, but doggoneit! I did it. I’m estimated that I have about 20 rows to go and then I begin assembling!

On the strange dream front: apparently my subconscious blames one of my college professors for the fact that I hate my chosen profession. In my dream she was the devil and I had to kill her. She had crazy Diana Ross hair and tiny black eyes. Joy made an appearance in the dream. She was busy planning a party and didn’t seem to think that killing the professor was the best course of action. (An interesting side note: Joy asked me where Jason was and I very carefully explained when I dream about Jason and when I don’t and that he wouldn’t be making an appearance.)

Next Week: The Finished Isis Wrap! (IhopeIhopeIhopeIhope)


At January 28, 2006 2:22 PM, Blogger Joy said...

I'm very relieved that even in your dream I was the voice of reason in your crazed murderous plans! Parties are clearly more important than putting a final end to the devil!

Sally has great taste in dog toys. If I had done something like that for Paulie, he would have completely ignored them and continued pursuing the fuzzy feet until he had spread shreds of fuzz all over the house. And then I would have had to kill him.

At January 28, 2006 7:40 PM, Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

Don't worry, Brenda, the birthday goodness isn't over yet. It's just that some of your friends are wicked poor and have to save up to make sure you get the best birthday goodness ever.

Come on, Joy... you were always just looking for an excuse to kill poor, ol' Paulie.

At January 30, 2006 8:17 AM, Blogger Joy said...

You're right. I was slightly crazy during that period in my life. But only because he scared Elli so bad, and mommies do get crazy about protecting their babies!


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