Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I must be quick

The dog is finally sleeping so I have a few moments to myself. I never imaged she'd take this much of my time.

She's definitely feeling right at home. She's figured out the playing stuff. And by playing I mean chewing on things. If she's really wound up she'll chase the ball because it's an excuse to run around the house like her butt is on fire. The only thing missing from her life is another dog to play with. Whenever she sees another dog she starts crying like her heart will break. We've run into a few dogs that have gotten off their leashes and that makes her day. Luckily they've all been friendly dogs so far. It surprises me how careless people are about their animals.

Sally loves to chew on things. She's pretty good about only chewing on her toys but at the top of her "I Wish I Could Chew On That" list are my fuzzy feet slippers. We finally decided that she must be able to smell something in the wool. So in order to take her mind off the slippers I am knitting her a felted ball. I figured that would be a good way to use up the odd balls of wool I have. I finished knitting one last night and left it on the coffee table. This morning she got it off the coffee table and was cuddling with it.

You may be wondering what happened with the Isis Wrap. I'm fed up with it. That's what happened. On Friday I realized that I had dropped the last stitch on the row, 4 rows back. It was just sticking off like a little toe. How can I possibly be making this many mistakes? I already knit this piece once and I didn't have this much trouble. I'm going to stick to dog toys for a few days.


At January 20, 2006 4:29 PM, Blogger Joy said...

I must be quick too - dinner is in the oven.


:) A little birdy told me. And then I read it on Brooke's blog.


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