Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Knitting Update

Well, I have taken the blanket as far as it can go. I think one more skein should finish the last side. The corners seem to be working well. I am pleased.

And Bunny Anne Barbara Jean has a face, a sweater, a new purse, and some kickin' shoes. Still no pants. Don't judge her. The sweater is long enough to cover her underpants at least.

I'm finding that a lot of the Babe knitted pieces come out too small. This was the case for the sweater so I decided to add a button band before sewing in the snaps. The pattern said to use snaps, so I used snaps. I'm not going to use snaps again. They take forever.

I have also made her a body bag. I made a bag for Brooke's Babe but I had some difficulties with that bag so I made some adjustments to this bag. To make it "easier." Zippers are not easier. If I made another Babe Bag I'll have to make more adjustments.

Tomorrow I leave for Michigan. Such excitement. I pick the best times to fly. I'm really hoping that things will have calmed down by tomorrow. Sorry Brooke, I won't be making any side trips to the South, but you are welcome to come up to Michigan! Yeah! Yeah! DO IT!


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