Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Knitting Room

After the move to Wyoming, I put all my knitting things in a closet in the basement. Our basement is unfinished and once we finish it, I'll have a craft room down there. Woo hoo! Except that I have come to realize that isn't going to happen any time soon. And I got tired of trooping to the basement and digging through boxes in a closet every time I needed something, which turns out to be quite often.

So I turned our guest room into my knitting room! Ta Da!
The good news: I love it! The bad news: anyone who visits has to sleep with my yarn and unfinished knitting projects staring at them all night.

This move has made me accept two facts:
1) I have a lot of yarn. Before the move I seriously believed that I didn't have THAT much yarn. And just for the record, it doesn't all fit in my storage system.

2) I have a lot of unfinished projects. I kind of knew this, but I wouldn't admit to the full extent of the problem. And just for the record, the unfinished projects don't fit in the storage system either.

I really want all of my knitting things to fit in this storage system. So I have decided that I have to finish two projects before I can start a new one. Now, unlike Brooke's committment to finishing projects, there are no consequences if I fail. Only my own soul-wrenching, crippling guilt. (Which probably won't be that wrenching or crippling.) I'm hoping that fitting all of my knitting paraphernalia into the storage system will be incentive enough.

Of course finishing projects still doesn't deal with the amount of yarn. I think the only way to reduce the amount of yarn is the stop housework altogether and focus solely on knitting.


At May 30, 2007 6:52 AM, Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

I love your knitting storage system, and I love all your yarn, and I can't wait to stay overnight in your guest room with all your yarn and unfinished projects staring at me. What projects do you want to finish? What are you working on? What do you want to start? Show me show me show me!

(I think your solution for reducing the amount of yarn is great. But I have a fever, and the only prescription is more yarn!)

At May 30, 2007 12:37 PM, Blogger Joy said...

I love the color-coded cubes of yarn. You almost have enough to start a yarn store. Not that you would ever sell any of this precious fiber, of course. I think your storage system adds a real warmth and charm to your guest room.

I'm all for quitting housework to knit. There's a LOT I could do if it weren't for housework. Unfortunately, no-one else here supports that decision. Even when the knitting is for them. For some crazy reason, they seem to prefer clothes, hot meals, and paid bills!


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