Monday, October 02, 2006

Mostly New Carpet and Baby Preparations

I've been trying to add pictures to this post for the past couple of days. I managed to get one picture but now I'm out of time. Lately I've been having more and more difficulty uploading images. If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

You may have noticed in my last post that I said we got new carpet (mostly). This does not mean that we bought second-hand carpet. It means that we didn't get all the carpet, so the house is mostly carpeted.

"How could you not get all the carpet?" You might ask. That's really a question for our local home improvement store. The Flooring Department is very good at naming names and passing the blame. (I'm going to spare you my rant on this.)

So, as a result, we have carpet in all but two of the bedrooms. One of those bedrooms is the baby room. Right now it looks like baby will be here before more carpet. So in the meantime we have set up this in our bedroom.

I don't think James is crazy about this, but it'll work until we get the rest of the carpet. James made the changing table out of an old computer desk. Yes, those are curtains hanging from the table. And the laundry basket is in fact a bassinet. We are so resourceful.

Now, I supposed I should post something about knitting. A while ago I was feeling cranky. I hated everyone and everything and all of my knitting projects were stupid. This of course lead me to look through all my patterns and my stash which in turn lead to something even worse: a cranky hormonal idea. I decided to make a scrap blanket.

Brooke can attest to my love for scrap blankets. She can also attest to the fact that I have never finished one. I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for starting another one but what's worse is I'm enjoying it. I get to change colors every two rounds and it's using up yarn lickity split! I love using up yarn. Yes, it's knit in rounds. That way when I'm done I just tie up the ends, do an i-cord bind off at each end and it's finished! Genius! Maybe.

Every night I try to convince myself to work on something else but I just can't muster much interest in any other projects. At least I'm knitting, right? I still only have one completed pair of socks. These socks were so much fun just a few weeks ago. Now they are boring and stupid. I think I'm becoming increasingly difficult to live with. I can't really tell. My judgment might be impaired.

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm supposed to be back home on Thursday but I'm not making any promises about posting. I'll try to at least get a picture online in the next few weeks. If possible.


At October 02, 2006 9:53 PM, Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

Ugh. Blogger picture uploads. My latest trick is to open a new browser, start a new post in the new browser, and upload one picture at a time to the new post and cut and paste the code into the actual post I'm writing. That way there's only ever one picture being uploaded (at a time) in the fake post, and it seems to do all right. There's another way, but this way is much easier. If it doesn't work for you, let me know.

You did so finish a scrap blanket! You even sewed a piece of fleece to the back of it to finish it off! Don't underestimate yourself. I can't wait to see the new one.

I'm so excited about the big day! I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all is well... can't wait to hear all about it. Take good care of yourself and give that baby a great big ol' kiss from Annie Grook whenever she becomes an outside baby! Love you all!

At October 03, 2006 7:40 AM, Blogger Joy said...

I save pictures smaller before I upload them -- then there isn't as much data to send. You can make them 72 dpi and 3 inches tall or wide. I have also found that the time of day affects how well they upload. Late at night or super-early in the morning, or a weekend usually is the fastest. Of course, being on the eastern-most time zone makes being early really easy. But I bet when you're up at 3am feeding the baby, you could upload photos pretty fast! :) I've done lots of computer stuff in the wee-smas because kiddos had me up any way.

I'm thinking of and praying for you and the baby and James on this super-big day. Can't wait to see the little one! and hear what name you chose!


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