Friday, June 15, 2007

Not Such a Good Start

I've finally gotten enough sleep and I don't have to take a morning nap with Katherine. So to celebrate I'm posting and then I think I'll knit.

So, what have I been working on? Up until two weeks ago I was working very steadily on my "angry pregnant woman scrap blanket." Yes, it's ugly as sin but for some reason it's a lot of fun. And, since it's just stockinette, I can stop anywhere and pick it back up without any problems. And there's the fact that it's gotten so big I can't tuck it away and forget about it. I have about 16 rows left. I could conceivably finish that in about a week.

So, why aren't I still working on it? Two weeks ago James and I took a weekend trip and I wanted something to knit in the car. The blanket was too big and obviously all of my existing projects were no good. So I took my basket of scrap yarn and Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers. And now two weeks later we have this: Another hair brained idea. I was inspired by the Indian Summer Collar in MagKnits. I thought it looked like fun and Katherine can use it for dress up when she gets older.

I know I had promised myself that I would finish two projects before starting another. Well, clearly I haven't done very well. (But my scrap yarn fits in it's basket now!) So, what do you think the consequences should be?


At June 16, 2007 1:24 PM, Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

I think the consequences should be that you finish your angry woman whatever blanket and mail it to me because I think it is very pretty and not ugly as sin at all. AND I think when you send it to me you should also send me that little sweater that needs seaming because you clearly are not going to seam it and I clearly want to and this is not unlike my need to kitchener the toes of everyone's socks that need kitchenering because it is something I like to do and they hate to do and it is only fair that they let me do it. AND I think you should actually just put those two things in a suitcase and come see me because you clearly need some personal intervention to do what you set out to do and no it is NOT easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission and therefore you need serious consequences and who better to give them to you than me, your most trusted friend that you love more than anyone else, besides your lovely family, and potentially other people that you love potentially more than me although I have serious doubts that such people exist but if they do I certainly want to leave room for them in this assumption.


Your projects are beautiful. There should be no punishment. I just miss you really really bad.

At June 17, 2007 5:33 PM, Blogger Joy said...

No consequences cuz you didn't buy any new yarn to work on these projects! It's always ok to knit with stash yarn, and even better to knit with scrap yarn!


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