Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Knitting Update

Well, I have taken the blanket as far as it can go. I think one more skein should finish the last side. The corners seem to be working well. I am pleased.

And Bunny Anne Barbara Jean has a face, a sweater, a new purse, and some kickin' shoes. Still no pants. Don't judge her. The sweater is long enough to cover her underpants at least.

I'm finding that a lot of the Babe knitted pieces come out too small. This was the case for the sweater so I decided to add a button band before sewing in the snaps. The pattern said to use snaps, so I used snaps. I'm not going to use snaps again. They take forever.

I have also made her a body bag. I made a bag for Brooke's Babe but I had some difficulties with that bag so I made some adjustments to this bag. To make it "easier." Zippers are not easier. If I made another Babe Bag I'll have to make more adjustments.

Tomorrow I leave for Michigan. Such excitement. I pick the best times to fly. I'm really hoping that things will have calmed down by tomorrow. Sorry Brooke, I won't be making any side trips to the South, but you are welcome to come up to Michigan! Yeah! Yeah! DO IT!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I turned the corner! Brooke's suggestion of using short rows got me thinking. So after several pieces of graph paper and lots of thinking and counting, I dove in!

The vine pattern is fairly straightforward so I thought I might be able to keep that going while I did short rows. And if I only did short rows up to the leaves, the leaves might just bend around the corner. And it worked! For once, one of my hair brained schemes worked! The vine pattern got a little sloppy out at the corner but on the whole I am very pleased! I am almost to the next corner and hopefully I can repeat my success.

Now the next concern is that I am going to run out of yarn. I had two skeins left to do the border. That would be two sides for each skein. Unfortunately, the first skein only made it through 1 ½ sides. If I do run out of yarn, I’ll have to put the blanket aside until I go to MI in 2 weeks. I should be able to get more yarn there.