Friday, March 24, 2006

Super Secret Surprise!

Yes Brooke, I'm making fun of you.

As some of you know, I am expecting my first born to arrive sometime in October. Today, I got to see the baby for the first time. And now I'm making you see him (or her) too.

It was definitely very exciting. I haven't really felt pregnant and I was half expecting the doctor to say "You're not pregnant. You've just missed a couple of periods. Now get out of here!"

Clearly, that is not the case. When the baby first appeared on the screen James caught his breath and grabbed my leg. We could see the baby wiggling around and waving his (or her) arms. We even got to hear the heartbeat. Of course, I kept giggling and messing things up.

Now, I think I'll go work on that baby blanket. Even though I really want to start my shawl or a nice pair of entrelac socks.


At March 24, 2006 5:19 PM, Blogger Joy said...

What an unbelievably amazing experience to see the first signs of your firstborn. Thank you for sharing the photo -- he/she looks cute already!

Better get cracking on that baby blanket. Maybe you could make a center section that is entrelac?

Of course, if you follow Brooke's example, you could cast on for all your great ideas and just rotate between all of them. and maybe finish them and maybe not.

At March 27, 2006 8:39 AM, Blogger brooke t. higgins said...

I'd be upset that all of you are picking on me except for the fact that I'm too taken by the first picture of your baby. I'm wicked wicked happy for you and I can't wait to meet little Jimmy or Brendita whenever he or she gets here. WOO HOO!!!

At March 28, 2006 4:09 PM, Blogger trek said...

It was really cool when we got to see our ultrasound, too. Happy October baby!


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